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Jossy,Giulia-Nemeye,Aurora, Ester, Aleksandra (Youth Italy)


SYLE is an extended hosting for youngsters under 30 years old in Servas families or single member. If you do not have youngsters in your family, you can find some friends or neighbors to build an “hosting net”.


it can be from 1 to 4 weeks in different Servas families.

SYLE : not only a guest

Servas means to build peace throu travelling and hosting. You are not an only an guest but you are part of the family, as active member . You have the opportunity to meet new people and friends, to have fun with them , to discover new places, to feel the atmosphere of daily life and to show and introduce your country.

SYLE: not only to learn a language

but the goal can be also to have a volunteering experience in the country you are going to visit. The volunteering is always with other youngsters, together with the hosting families or other Servas friends .

Volunteering is a way to discover different social aspects of the town/country and it is a way to contact other associations that are building peace day by day.

For youngsters from 14 to 30 years old:

Young adults under 30 and teenagers over 14 years can apply (+16 for volunteering). For minors, Servas is just putting the parents in contact : parents/families have full responsibility to agree the terms and the duration of the SYLE.

How to apply:

if you are interested, fill in the form here : (copy and paste in your browser)

SPECIFY the languages you speak, the level of knowledge and the language in which you want to do the SYLE.

Covid19 restrictions:

before applying check the travelling situation to/from your country. S.I. policy is valid on eventual restrictions and limit to SYLE , here:


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