Cambio coordinatore Servas Lazio

Scritto da Tosetto Francesco Armando il 17-06-2022


Cari amici Servas
Mara Pedicone diventata la nuova coordinatrice Servas del Lazio ed io sarò un suo collaboratore ( local help ). Francesco Castracane sta collaborando per creare una rete whatt'sapp Servas Lazio .
Buon lavoro Mara e Francesco
Volevo segnalare questo Socio che cerca ospitalità ed è pronto a dare lezioni d'Inglese , chi può risponda direttamente a lui.
Buona Estate

Dear Servas Coordinator,

Greetings from Servas USA, My name is Vinod Jardosh and I am US Servas traveler and host. I have visited and have stayed with hosts in India, Singapore, Mexico, England, France, Belgium, Netherland, Germany and Switzerland. I have also hosted traveler from England. I enjoyed a lot doing it as it gave me a wonderful opportunity to stay with local hosts, learn their culture, visiting places, exchange topics of mutual interests. I plan to visit your beautiful country and stay with host families in different regions(if possible) for an extended stay. I have 2 Master's Degrees and also a degree in Law. I am 79 years of age, very healthy and very independent. I have my own international travel medical insurance and sufficient financial resources to cover my expenses. I have taken total of 4 covid 19 shots(2 covid shots and 2 Booster shots) I enjoy nature, walking, cooking, visiting places, bike riding, gardening, reading, meeting people from different countries. I believe in a peaceful world through love, tolerance, understanding and open mind. I have teaching experience. I can teach English. I would love to do volunteering work in local projects, church, school, community events, cultural events, social events, environment projects, helping hosts with other projects. I plan to stay for a month or longer with one or more hosts. I am interested in Italian culture and language. I am coming with a willingness to learn more from Italian hosts and share spirit of peace, love and understanding. I hope to visit in the month of July or August or September, if possible. I am very flexible about the dates. I am retired and have plenty of time to meet people. Any suggestions, comments and ideas will be greatly appreciated. My website and you are welcome to see my Us Letter of Introduction on U S Servas site. or I can send it if required. Thank you for your help and understanding


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