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my name is Tommaso and I would like to talk about my experience as Servas guest in a Copenhagen family. I learned many things during this trip, and first of all to be faster because I had to adjust my vacation mood to the family already not anymore on vacation.  But also, I learned how to visit a new foreign country being totally alone, which means to practice English without anyone helping me. 

The most exciting thing was to stay in the family: I loved being with them, I loved playing with Maya and Louis, I loved meeting their friends. When I arrived in Copenhagen, I was taken by Ilja at the airport and we became friends right away and we went to his house in the countryside where we lived together. The hosting family is composed of two children Maya and Louis and the parents Lisa and Ilja. They are very nice and they were very open with me. The countryside was amazing, I loved to stay there. Even if I was maybe too far from the capitol, I felt comfortable because the place was peaceful and quiet.  


I spent an entire week in their house and the first time in Copenhagen I also met the sister of Lisa and the parents of their friend’s Louis. Everything went very well and smoothly and nicely. They also brought me to the seaside where I had a very freezing swim, but not for them apparently... 

A very good moment was to visit Copenhagen alone where I have visited a lot of my favorite places like museums and expositions.  

Finally, I would like to repeat such experience in the near future and get in touch with other families in other countries and I have appreciated Servas for giving me such an opportunity. 


Tommaso Carrubba


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